Our equipment:

We produce all kinds of paper production, stikers and cans. Our company is equipped with up-to-date machines from Germany, Italy and other countries. We use advanced manufacturing technology.

Pre-press machines
FujiFilm D95 Digital Printer 1SET Heidelberg Primescan 1SET
Epson Digital Printer 4SETS STP 2SETS
Printing machines
Heidelberg 5Color 3SETS KBA 105 5Color+UV 2SETS
Sticker Printing Machine 6SETS 8Color Web Printing Machine 5SETS
Binding machines
Purple Folding Machine 5SETS Saddle Sditching Line 2SETS
Semi-Auto Die-Cutting Machine 7SETS Polar Trimmer 4SETS
Automatic foiling&Die-cutting Machine 2SETS Automatic box folding line 2SETS
Double Wiro Binding Machine 1SET Automatic Sewing Machine 4SETS